XTGGear Sponsors ‘The Unit’

Wall Climb Technique- Obstacle Racing
October 28, 2014
mountain biking gear
Mountain Biking Gear from XTGGear
October 30, 2014
obstacle racing sponsorship

obstacle racing sponsorship

XTGGEAR would like to welcome Scott Brackemeyer as one of our Obstacle Racing Sponsorships!  Scott is affectionately called ‘The Unit’ as we had to customer make a set of gear for him due to his massive frame!

Scott hails from Illinois, and saw the need for XTGGear obstacle racing protection as he was making his own kit out of rubber, tape and some compression gear- if there was ever a reason for us to sponsor someone, that was it!

Scott places in the top five in most of his races, and we look forward to making bigger and better shin guards, knee pads and elbow pads for him!

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