Are Mud Runs the new CrossFit?

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Are Mud Runs the new CrossFit?

Are Mud Runs the new CrossFit?

Obstacle-course and mud run racing gets under your skin. And in your mouth.

This year, hundreds of thousands of racers will shiver and shamble their way through icy mud runs,  and receive mild electric shocks.   Some will be swathed in capes, others will wear Viking helmets and display hard-won abs. Some will complete the course, and some will be unable to overcome all the obstacles. But almost everyone will pose for a finish-line picture, gritty and grinning, and go home happy.

Obstacles, man-made or otherwise, have always been inherent to the sport of cross-country running, and cross-country runners have been adept on mixed terrain for hundreds of years. Their endurance has always been accompanied by agility, and adding larger obstacles such as cargo nets, walls and monkey bars might create a need for coordination, strength and power.

“Like in fitness, you look first at the task: What needs to be done?” Borgatti said. “You need to get up and over walls, move large loads long distances as quickly as possible. The general overall philosophy is similar to CrossFit.”


Source : CrossFit Journal


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