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XTGGear Sponsors ‘The Unit’
October 29, 2014
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XTGGear Welcomes Obstacle Kit as its UK Supplier!
October 31, 2014
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mountain biking gear from XTGGEAR

XTGGear is proud to sponsor Tracy Jones, our first mountain biker!  Tracy saw the need for XTGGear as mountain bike racers are often in the need for elbow pads, knee pads and shin guards, and XTG fits the bill!  Tracy is one of the best in her state, have a look at her achievements!

1st Santa Barbara Endurance 50K Race
Won all 3 Women’s sport division Rim Nordic Races in Big Bear also took Overall Rim Nordic Series Women’s Champion
1st in Beg. Over The Hump Series in Castaic Calif.
1st So Cal Mtn. Rim Nordic Stage Race overall women
1st in race 1 of Triple Crown Mtn. Bike Series cat 1
1st in race 2 of Triple Crown Mtn. Bike Series cat 2
2nd Sport Division Over The Hump Race
2nd Sport Division Over the Hump 2nd race of series
3rd Sport Division overall Series at Over The Hump

Awesome Read!  We welcome Tracy to XTG and look to protect her with our mountain biking gear for years to come!

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